Eleni Galinou Environmental Science (BSc, PhD)

I started birding at an “old” age, at the University… Thankfully this is where I met my professor T. Akriotis and got the bug for birds- for I had love for every living creature since childhood.

I have worked as a volunteer and later on as a professional (reasearcher at the Dept of Environmental Science, Aegean University and also as a freelancer) on surveys and projects for birds in several parts of Greece and Cyprus. Also on awareness actions for the public of Lesvos, where I had the opportunity to introduce birdwatching to children and adults. I always find it fascinating to have people discover something new to them. Ever since I have returned to the island, I also guide individuals or small groups on birding trips around the island.

My other loves are hiking, bird ringing, amphibians and reptiles, dragonflies and orchids of Lesvos, my organic garden, special books, cats and, above all, my two little boys.

I live between Mitilini and Agia Paraskevi -central Lesvos, above my very favourite wetlands of the Kalloni Gulf!

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