School visit at the Kalloni Salt Pans

School birdwatching at the Kalloni Salt Pans; Lesvos

The Primary School of Nees Kydonies (east part of the island, near Mitilini) wanted to have a look at the Kalloni Salt Pans birds as part of their yearly long-distance excursion. There was a great influx of Flamingos in the pans these last period (in contrast with the few hundreds of birds earlier in May) so we were able to observe them really well as a mixed flock of immature and adult Flamingos were feeding/resting at a very close distance. The kids were impressed by the birds themselves, their habits and the journeys they undertake (we even saw a bird with a coloured ring, ringed in Turkey!).

Kalloni Salt Pans; Flamingos; Lesvos

Birdwatching with the kids of Kalloni

Birdwatching at the Kalloni Salt Pans, Lesvos

The 1st Kindergarden of Kalloni had been playing/studying birds throught 2016 (see:

I was really happy to show them some live birds on the morning of 17 May 2016! We watched a group of 15 Black-winged Stilts by the Kalloni Pans NW corner canal with 3 of them trying to establish a nest and a few Common and Little Terns and 2 Avocets feeding close by. Also Flamingos, Little White Egrets and Black Stork!

Birding at Molivos reservoir

Birdwatching; Lesvos; Molivos reservoir

Field trip with students of the Petra High School at the Molivos reservoir for birdwatching (2/3).
We had a great time birding with: 7 RUDDY SHELDUCKS, 65 MEDITERRANEAN GULLS, 14 LITTLE GREBES, 1 BLACK-HEADED GREBE (in full summer plumage!) etc. and beautiful Molivos at the background!

Birdwatching;Lesvos;Molivos reservoir