Mid-May 2016, full-day trip around WESTERN LESVOS

Black-headed Bunting; Lesvos

The highlights of this full-day (08:30-19:30) guided BIRDING PHOTOGRAPHY trip around AGRA, ERESSOS, SIGRI and ANTISSA areas were:

ELEONORA’S FALCONS, LESSER KESTREL, CHUKAR (a parent with 12+ chicks), Rock Dove, Little Owls, Hoopoes, Bee-eaters, RUFOUS BUSH ROBINS, ISABELLINE, Northern and Black-eared Wheatears, Eastern Orphean Warbler, ROCK NUTHATCHES (among several, a family party!), many BLACK-HEADED BUNTINGS etc. and of course CRETZSHMAR’S and CINEREOUS BUNTINGS.

This trip was part of a 3-day Lesvos trip (a Northern Greece trip extension) for Birding Ecotours. View the full trip report here.

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