May 12th, full-day all over the island!

Cinereous Bunting (Emberiza cineracea): Lesvos birds

Gary E. and Austin M. were excellent birders and good friends for years and the day was really enjoyable! We started very early from the central parts of the island for the Kruper’s Nuthatch and then headed West for the other island’s specialties.

Black-eared Wheathear (Oenanthe hispanica): Lesvos birds
Black-eared Wheatear (Oenanthe hispanica)

You can find out more (species and photos) at Austin’s blog:


2 thoughts on “May 12th, full-day all over the island!

  1. Dear Eleni,

    thanks for the information from Lesvos around the year! I am always happy to read about our favorite island, especially if it is something other than the refugee issue… The reports (newspaper and television) are very negative here in Germany. So it is a pleasure that you have positive topics. We really hope to come back to Lesvos next year, but my parents are old and need support. So we have to wait and book our flight in a short term.

    I wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy New Year! Keep on protecting the beautiful nature of Lesvos and let us now how life is going on there!

    Best regards, Birgit

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